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"SOS was amazing. The one on one treatment and care was first class. After being discharged from one clinic and still being in pain, I wasn't looking forward to a new physical therapy clinic, but after my first appointment at SOS PT, I knew I was going to receive the treatment necessary to work through the pain. I can say now that I have little to no pain, 100% of the time. The exercises were easy to do and I was asked for my input at every step. I would recommend SOS PT to anyone. They made a difference for me! Thank you!"  - S.B.

"I truly wish I had gone to SOS PT first. I saw results after my first appointment. They taught me the fundamental movements to strengthen my neck and back area and to recognize what movements cause my pain. I am so happy. Today I left with the satisfaction of knowing that I can get back to my normal activities."  - A.T.

"You took the time to figure out what was causing the problem instead of blanketing with a bunch of heat, e-stim and exercises. Instead I was able to do one or two simple exercises and it really helped." - W.B.

"I had low back and sciatica pain after a mountain biking injury and after trying four different physical therapists, Julie was finally able to fix me! She has taught me techniques that I can carry throughout life and I also realized how important it is to do exactly what she instructed me to do between appointments to maintain my progress. I would highly recommend SOS Physical Therapy to anyone!" - C.R.

"I was disabled in a car accident in February 1999. I was left in constant pain with pain traveling down to my legs and feet. I tried everything for relief - pills, at least 4 different therapy locations, aqua therapy, massage therapy, hanging by my arms, hanging upside down, even a chiropractor with no relief. I tried walking to build my strength and It only worsened my pain.

Then I met Julie Marley at SOS Physical Therapy. She taught me how to easy my pain and inflammation myself without pills and how to exercise without inflaming my pain. I thought I would never exercise again, but Julie taught me how! She actually taught me in a plain language that I could understand. She coached me to be clear on what was causing the pain, how it traveled and what to do/what not to do. It changed my life and how I deal with pain.


The best part is Julie is with me every visit and we worked on my progress together. I felt she cared about my pain and was always thinking new things to continue to help me." - B.G.

Patient-Centered Individualized Care


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