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Patient-Centered Individualized Care

"You took the time to figure out what was causing the problem instead of blanketing with a bunch of heat, e-stim and exercises. Instead I was able to do one or two simple exercises and it really helped." - W.B.

What You Can Expect

SOS Physical Therapists also see patients following surgery. Through an assessment following your surgery we will establish an individualized treatment plan for you. You will receive one-on-one attention throughout the process from recovery of motion to recovery of function to make sure that you are safe to progress throughout your therapy.

Because we have a location in the Christiana Spine Center, we regularly see patients who have had spinal fusions, discectomies, and total disc replacements.  It is important to see a therapist following your spine surgery who has significant experience treating pre and post-operative spinal conditions.

Because patients like our one-on-one approach, we also have many patients who have had joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs, knee arthroscopic surgeries, and various other surgeries.  We carefully follow any post-operative instructions from your physician and develop an individualized progression of your exercise program.

We will reassess your progress at each visit to make sure you are making appropriate gains. Sports specific and work specific exercises and activities can also be incorporated to ensure that you are safe to return to play or work.

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