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Patient-Centered Individualized Care

"I truly wish I had gone to SOS PT first. I saw results after my first appointment. They taught me the fundamental movements to strengthen my neck and back area and to recognize what movements cause my pain." - A.T.

What You Can Expect

We have significant experience working with spinal conditions.  One of our offices is located in the Christiana Spine Center, which has enabled us to work closely with this physician group for 20 years, as well as many other physicians in the community.  We have published scientific papers and written a chapter in a well- respected medical text of spinal pain. We have treated every type of spinal condition, ranging from disc issues, joint issues, scoliosis, stenosis, and inflammatory problems. 

If you are still having pain at the time of your assessment, we will perform our McKenzie assessment to determine what exercises are likely to eliminate the pain.  If you are painfree or have minimal pain, we will help guide you safely back to activity.

We see many people who have had one or many spinal injections, and are looking for guidance with return to activity and help in figuring out the best exercise program for them.

Your McKenzie therapist will ask you a series of questions to find out what provokes and relieves the pain.  Through the assessment process, your therapist will be looking at your symptomatic and mechanical response to a series of repeated movements and positions. Patterns of response for what makes your symptoms better or worse can be determined in order to prescribe specific exercises and advice regarding posture.  Often one specific movement is found to be more effective to decrease your symptoms.  Your therapist may supplement this exercise with manual techniques to help eliminate your pain.  You will learn to perform these exercises at home, as treatment that you can perform five to six times a day can be more effective in a shorter period. By learning how to self-treat your current problem, you gain valuable knowledge and ability in controlling your symptoms and minimize the risk of recurrence.

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