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Patient-Centered Individualized Care

"What I'm leaning at physical therapy is that you're going to the root of the problem."


What You Can Expect

SOS Physical Therapy has developed a program with the Christiana Spine Center specifically for their patients who are receiving injections to speed their return to activity and prolong the injection benefits. All sessions are one-on-one with our physical therapists.

  • Schedule your first session prior to your injection

  • Schedule your next session approximately 2 weeks after your injection


Whether you've just undergone a spinal injection to relieve pain, or you are still considering such a procedure, keep in mind these important points:

  • Spinal pain often consists of both a mechanical and chemical (inflammatory) component. An injection will help reduce pain from inflammation, but you may continue to have some pain from mechanical causes. A mechanical assessment by a physical therapist specifically trained in this can help you find the correct exercises to reduce any remaining pain.

  • SOS Physical Therapy specializes in working with patients with spinal pain. Our individualized approach and working with the input from your doctor can help you minimize the potential for re-injury and optimize your return to fitness.

  • Not all exercises are correct for all issues, so searching for exercises on the internet, or doing your own exercises without guidance, often is not effective.

  • Our approach focuses on self-treatment and effective posture strategies for most daily routines, including sitting, sleeping, housework, gardening, stretching, and strengthening. 

  • If you are not having any pain following the injection, we will help you return to activity and gain strength to help prevent recurrence. 

  • We invite you to come in for an evaluation and experience the results.

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