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Patient-Centered Individualized Care

"...after my first appointment at SOS PT, I knew I was going to receive the treatment necessary to work through the pain. I can say now that I have little to no pain, 100% of the time. The exercises were easy to do and I was asked for my input at every step." - S.B.

What You Can Expect

Joint pain is one of the most common reasons for visits to our office. Does your shoulder have limited motion, making it hard to pull your shirt on over your head? Does knee pain keep you from running or make it painful to go up and down the steps? If you suffer from peripheral joint pain, we can examine your condition and direct you towards the most effective course of treatment.

Joint pain commonly improves with exercise.  Through a mechanical assessment, your therapist will gain understanding in how your pain responds to movement and what is causing your pain. Initial treatment will focus on specific exercise that will help to eliminate the pain and restore full range of motion. Once this has been achieved, we can then build a program that includes core, balance and strengthening exercises. Sport or work specific exercises can also be incorporated to ensure that you are safe to return to whatever activities you need to and to prevent future injury.

Trust that you will have continual guidance with every progression.

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