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Patient-Centered Individualized Care

"I truly wish I had gone to SOS PT first. I saw results after my first appointment. They taught me the fundamental movements to strengthen my neck and back area and to recognize what movements cause my pain." - A.T.

What You Can Expect

We are currently seeing patients with all insurances via telehealth.

A telehealth visit with SOS PT will look very similar to an office visit. Your McKenzie therapist will ask you a series of questions to find out what makes you pain better or worse.  Then, your therapist will ask you to move in certain ways to set baselines and determine which movements are painful or limited.

Next, through a movement based assessment process, your therapist will be looking for symptomatic and mechanical changes as you go through a series of repeated movements and positions. Often one specific movement is found to be more effective to decrease your symptoms and improve your movement. 

You will learn to perform these exercises at home, as treatment that you can perform five to six times a day can be more effective in a shorter period. By learning how to self-treat your current problem, you gain valuable knowledge and ability in controlling your symptoms and minimize the risk of recurrence.

To find out more and to schedule a telehealth appointment call us at 302-633-1280 

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